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Article 1

It is by the formation of the Historical Fencing Affiliation (HFA) that disparate historical fencing groups come together and, through agreement, adopt a common ranking structure to collectively validate and recognize the efforts of their individual members.  In doing so a "common ground" and sense of community is created within the HFA through which ideas, methods, and knowledge may be shared in order to promote the growth of both groups and their members beyond what would otherwise be separately achievable.


Article 2

The Historical Fencing Affiliates (HFA) will be comprised of autonomous and equal member organizations. These member organizations will conduct their own business by any means and structure they deem necessary.


Article 3

The HFA member organizations recognize the validity and merit of the Common Rank Structure, and as such agree to utilize it.


The Greek fencing clubs Academy of Hoplomachia, Coriolanos, and Meandros are recognized as having joined the HFA before the construction and adoption of this charter, and are thereby exempt from Article 3. All future Greek fencing clubs who sign this charter will be bound to the charter in its entirety.


The Common Rank Structure is as follows:

The definition of this structure will be divided into two separate sections. The first section (Section A) will list the rankings that are tested and declared within the individual groups. There will be no required involvement with the HFA as a whole. Each individual member group will have the responsibility to test and evaluate the rankings in Section A.  The second section (Section B) will list the rankings and requirements that the HFA as a whole will be responsible for. Each ranking will be listed, followed by a brief description of what that rank’s requirements and prequalifying conditions are.  This will be followed by a general concept of the conditions of the testing procedure, and finally what will be expected of the individual and any benefits due to them.

The Novice through Provost is guaranteed the freedom to join/belong/explore any other martial art, or martial arts group.  The practitioner is highly encouraged to begin to share and demonstrate this Art to others.  The practitioner has a duty to expand awareness and information about this Art and this Affiliation.  The practitioner is guaranteed the freedom to participate in demonstrations, explorations and other similar activities without the direct supervision of any of the following ranks.  

Novice and Scholar are not officially sanctioned Instructor ranks within the Affiliation itself. Ranks above Scholar are official teaching positions. The practitioner is furthermore free from any forms of discrimination or biases. Once the rankings are earned they cannot be “removed” or “revoked” for any reason. These rankings are earned for the life of the practitioner. If the practitioner leaves the HFA or their local group, the ranking is still valid and does not dissolve.