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Section B: “Senior Free-Scholar” through “Provost” rankings

Senior Free-Scholar: All the following requirements met.  The Senior Free-Scholar plays his/her prize amongst a group of practitioners other than his/her own group.  It should be clear that members of his/her own group can travel with the Candidate to the testing group and participate in the event if desired.  The Candidate requests to play their prize from a Provost and then is announced by the local group, accepted by the Provost(s) publicly, and arrangements are made with a “testing group.” The testing group accepts responsibility for the event and is responsible for the event site and organization.  

The individual Candidate and his/her group and the accepting testing group are jointly responsible for the financial strain of getting the individual Candidate to the testing group.  An equal sharing of costs for travel is suggested but any joint arrangement is acceptable.

The maximum number of candidates for each event will be ONE.  The logistics and effort involved should be focused on the single candidate.  More than this constitutes a watering down of the event and should be avoided if at all possible.  The Provost will announce the % of victory required to pass the event priorto the start of the event, (currently set at 70% overall).  The Provost will be responsible for judging the strikes as to what was a “win” or "loss.” All double hits are scored a “loss." These will be announced clearly at the time of the playing. The Prize should be played against all types of weapons, skills, and abilities.

A result will be announced immediately upon conclusion of the event; there will be no possibility of provisional rank.  It is an all-or-nothing proposition.  

If an injury, medical event, or equipment issue renders the Candidate unable to continue then the rank cannot be awarded.

The Senior Free-Scholar is a position of an Official Instructor and authority in the specific weapon played. Unless the Free-Scholar has already earned their Adept ranking in a specific weapon and chooses to play their prize with that specific weapon, the prizing is to be played with the longsword.

The Senior Free-Scholar is responsible for the maintenance and security of the freedom of the Free Scholars, and is also responsible for the integrity and the quality of the training being offered and suggested by the ranks “Journeyman” to “Provost."

Journeyman: All previous conditions met. The Journeyman continues to grow in all facets of the art. They travel to and explore other groups/students/concepts outside the HFA umbrella.  The Journeyman literally goes to distant places and trains with, and endeavors to make connections with, students outside the established perimeter of the common study groups.  They also engage regularly in teaching and have begun to directly mentor Senior Free-Scholars to encourage growth and expansion.  

The Provosts shall routinely visit the activities of the Senior Free-Scholars and identify the candidate as eligible for Journeyman.  Once this is done, the Journeyman shall submit a copy of their traveling resume and give a concise synopsis of their martial career thus far.  A formal announcement shall be made and the resume of the journeyman shall remain in the custody of the Provosts.

Provost: An individual who is widely recognized by his/her peers in a number of weapons.  This individual has clearly demonstrated extensive experience in training and leading and organizing training activities is routine.  Well-traveled and generally known to the larger community, the practitioner should be versed in the overall workings of the membership of all groups affiliated. The practitioner should be a recognized expert, or certified trainer in disciplines outside of fencing, and show a broad spectrum of knowledge in the larger field of training.  A natural leader, the practitioner should handle themselves with grace and composure at all times.  At no time shall the provost assume authority over any one group, (other than their own) and shall be forever answerable to the Senior Free-Scholars as a group.

The Provost shall set prize-playing events and certify candidates as Adepts, Senior Free-Scholars, and Journeyman.  The Provost shall lead trainers and training philosophies at large.  The Provost shall be able to demonstrate the validity of martial skill and techniques at all times.

Provost(retired):All previous, however due to age, injury, or disease is unable to display physical skill and name successor or additional Provosts, ratified by Senior Free-Scholars.  (See Provost Retirement Document)

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