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Article 9

Voting within the HFA will be the responsibility of the HFA College. The College will consist of two representative bodies. These bodies will be called the “permanent” members and the “rotating” members. These two bodies will consist of individuals who have met specific criteria and will then vote on issues that arise relating to the HFA. Each member of the College, regardless of rank or specialized position within the College, will have one (1) vote.

Permanent Members: These members will be recognized as Senior Free Scholar or higher (see Article 2).  Upon awarding of SFS Rank, the member automatically becomes a permanent, non-rotating, voting member of the HFA College.  
The intent of this provision is to recognize the individual effort and commitment that the SFS or higher has within the HFA as well to ensure the direction and motivation of the HFA is consistent with the overall values of its most invested members.
These members cannot be removed from the College unless by special vote of the College. These Members do not count towards the total number of representatives each group has, they are in addition to the total number.

Rotating Members: These are members who are Free Scholar/Adept or below. These members can also consist of non-ranked members, members who are not participating in the “Traditional Track” ranking system (see Article 3). The total number of these members per group will be two (2).

These Members shall be elected or appointed by their local groups in whichever method suits these local groups. There will be a rotation of these members every year, starting January 1st of the New Year.  Elections and/or appointments shall occur in November and be announced by each group December 1st.

The overall motivation for this body is for the involvement of new members of the HFA. This “new blood” is meant to give fresh insights into the HFA and maintain a sense of connection and respect to the newest members of the tradition, or to members who do not wish to be ranked.


The DEAN: The only separate or specialized position of The College will be the “Dean.” The Dean will be a Provost in the HFA. The Dean will be responsible for assigning proposal numbers to each new proposal. The Dean must then bring these proposals forward for discussion, voting and tabulating results of voting, (which will be done publicly). The Dean will be elected every three years starting 2015 (replacement due: January 1st, 2018).

Procedure/voting: The HFA College will be responsible for voting on issues brought to its attention from any source.  An individual who is not a member of the college itself may request a vote be taken.

To bring a vote forward these steps must be completed. A proposal should be placed on a separate document and submitted to the E-list. This proposal shall have these headers:
“Historical Fencing Affiliation”
Proposal#___.__ (issued and tracked by Dean), Title or subject
Brief: An overall description of the issue to be voted on.
Details: A more detailed description of the issue.
Submitting Individual or Group Representative: ______________Date:__________
Once the Dean observes the submission a Proposal Number MUST be assigned. This will be a simple number such as (1, 2, and 3 etc.). As changes are made then the submitting member can track them through the decimal after the assigned number, (e.g. "1.3," meaning the first proposal and three changes to the original submission by the original author).

If an Individual or Group completes a separate document and submits it as a proposal, the Dean MUST assign it a number and put it forward for discussion and voting.

The member who submitted the document shall be responsible for modifying it based on any discussion that is elicited from the posting of the document prior to the vote. The document or issue will be modified by the submitting member only, prior to an actual vote to be called.

The Dean will be responsible for ending discussion and calling for voting on all submitted documents for any particular issue.  A general timeframe for discussion shall be between 3-6 days but this is not binding.  The timeframe for voting shall be 4 days. Voting shall be done on the E-list and in public. A simple majority is all that is needed for the issue to pass and will become binding on all groups and individuals claiming membership within the HFA. A simple majority is defined as a voting requirement of more than half of all ballots cast.

The Dean will be responsible for recording the vote. The Dean will also maintain the record of these documents, and the results of the votes. These documents will be transferred to each new Dean upon election.


Amendments to this Charter are enacted through the HFA College through the above proposal system.

The HFA's Voting System at a glance:

  • Senior Free Scholar and above= permanent non-rotating seat and one vote

  • Free-Scholar/Adept and below=rotating one-year seat and one vote, (2 people per group)

  • Any HFA individual/Group may put forward a proposal which must be discussed and voted on.

  • Once a proposal is submitted the Dean will issue it a number and start discussion of approx. 3-6 days.

  • Only the submitting individual/group can change the document at issue for final voting.

  • Once the approx.  6th day is up; the vote will begin on-line and in public.

  • The voting will take place over the course of 4 days. At midnight on the fourth day the voting will be closed, and results declared by the Dean.

  • Proposal headers and formatting:
    “Historical Fencing Affiliation”
    Proposal #___.__ (issued and tracked by Dean), Title or subject
    Brief: An overall description of the issue to be voted on.
    Details: A more detailed description of the issue.
    Submitting Individual or Group Representative: ______________Date:__________

We, the undersigned organizations, do hereby recognize, uphold, and abide by this Charter. [Format: (Line 1) organization name, (Line 2) member name(s) who will represent that organization, (Line 3) date of Charter acceptance]