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The best way to explain the benefits of joining the Historical Fencing Affiliates is to do so by answering frequently asked questions. However, in short, member clubs have joined in order to:

  • Participate in a historically-based rank structure

  • Collaborate with groups that have similar training philosophies and methodologies

  • Belong to a larger HEMA network that is focused on preserving individual club autonomy


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why join the Historical Fencing Affiliates (HFA)?

Clubs have a variety of reasons for joining the HFA, but among them is the desire to join an affiliation of clubs that both recognizes the need for clubs to remain autonomous while harboring a desire to share in a common rank structure. Sharing a common rank structure initiates a host of activities between member clubs, including sharing and collaborating on interpretations, debating historical martial philosophies, and--most obviously-- a collective recognition of martial proficiency and instruction. These qualities and activities make the HFA a truly unique affiliation within the HEMA community.


  1. Do clubs truly remain autonomous?

YES. This is the first article of our Charter. The HFA is not run by a President or similar institutional head, and therefore there is no top-down hierarchical governing body. The clubs run the HFA. Our Charter includes a voting system where representatives from the clubs collaborate to get things done. The rank structure is surely hierarchical, but ranks are not attached to governing powers. For example, if a club of Novices makes a motion to be voted on, Provosts can’t simply dismiss the vote. The Charter does include recognition for those in the upper ranks by ascribing to those higher ranked individuals permanent voting positions. These permanent voting positions recognize the time and energy an individual commits in achieving those higher ranks, and ensures then that that individual retains a voice within the affiliation.


  1. Can my club be a part of other organizations as well?

Of course. Joining the HFA doesn’t preclude your club from joining other organizations or affiliations. That’s part of being autonomous. For example, many of our clubs are also members of the HEMA Alliance.

Becoming a member is easy. Contact us at info[at] and tell us that you’d like to abide by our Charter (see our Charter at You will then be added to our e-list on Google Groups where you will have rights to manage your own individual club members. Join the conversation, join the training, and join a premier affiliation of HEMA clubs dedicated to honoring the source material, learning from one another, and following a common rank structure! 

Logo Members City/State Country
 coriolanos Coriolanos HEMA Team Ilioupoli Athens Greece
 east texas East Texas Historical Fencing Tyler Texas USA
 meandros Meandros HEMA Team Piraeus Piraeus Greece
 michigan Michigan Historical Art of Arms Felloship Battle Creek Michigan USA
 newjersey New Jersey HFA New Jersey New Jersey  USA
 orderofdragon Order of the Dragon Houston Texas USA
 hoplomachia S.C. Academy of Hoplomachia Polygono Athens Greece
 steelring Steel Ring Academy Bradenton Florida USA
 texasarmizare Texas Armizare Houston Texas USA
 thfa THFA Izmir Izmir Turkey
 wisconsin Wisconsin HFA Appleton Wisconsin USA
 wisconsin WHFA - West Bend West Bend Wisconsin USA